Choosing frame rate

Questions about the use of CuteDCP for Premiere Pro
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Choosing frame rate

Postby raulmorales » Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:21 pm

Hi! Happy customer here.

Been using CuteDCP for a while now with excellent results, thank you! But now I'm facing an issue I need to solve: it seems I cannot choose the frame rate for the export and it can only export to 25 fps because the menu is deactivated. Any ideas on how to solve it? I need to be able to export to 24 fps, and 60fps.


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Re: Choosing frame rate

Postby e-carus » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:33 pm

I encounter the same problem here, Sequence seems right... I have only one preset (DCP Flat 51 2k) which allows no change to the 25fps-setting...
Help would be good!

(MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra, PremierePro CC2018 (12.0.1. Build 69)

Thanks and best Regards!

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Christer Engstroem
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Re: Choosing frame rate

Postby Christer Engstroem » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:54 am

In the latest version of CuteDCP it is possible to override the video settings.

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